About Us


I founded the Slim2btrim Diet in 2014 after struggling with my weight since having children and developing an illness that affected my mobility.

I have tried several diets over the years including several VLCDs as a last resort. While traditional VLCD worked for me initially I soon found the restrictive diet unsustainable and much of the food unpalatable. I ended up living of the same few products that I could actually eat day after day. Inevitably the diet would fail and I would find my eating out of control wanting all the things I had been deprived of for so long.

I started to notice that others following the traditional VLCDs were following the same process of deprive/binge many like myself for years. Losing and gaining back the same weight in a seemingly never ending cycle.

In January 2014 I decided it was now or never I needed to do something differently or stay overweight forever. I spent several months researching and looking at the many diets and fitness plans already out there. I soon discovered that in the rest of Europe high protein diets are very popular and the huge range of different products available meant you would never feel deprived .I sent for samples of some of the products and was astounded at how good they tasted, nothing like the unpalatable meal replacement meals and shakes I had been torturing myself with for years.

I started following the diets myself and adapting them to find what gave me the best results .I never felt hungry or deprived on the plan and I felt it gave me a healthier relationship with food. The inclusion of conventional food also taught me about portion control and what foods were the healthiest choices.

After a few months I started to share my diet with friends and they also began losing weight and commented how easy they found it.

In August 2014 I decided to open the slim2btrim store as I wanted to give others stuck in the weight loss / gain cycle the chance to try this incredible plan and break the cycle forever!.

Since then we are growing steadily every day and our slimmers have had fantastic results. The comments and emails we get everyday reinforces how great the plan works. For me personally I am still working at losing weight and it is still a struggle with reduced mobility but I am getting there and the road is now so much easier.

It's incredible to think that an idea of mine has grown into something that is now helping others become the slimmer, healthier person they strive to be.

Dream big and make it happen!!

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