Do you want to be able to eat the foods you love and still lose weight? Do you love the large weight loss a meal replacement very low calorie diet (VLCD ) offers but despair at the lack of real food?

If so our high protein, low carb diet plan may be just the plan for you. Protein diets have been popular in the USA since the 1960s. Since then protein diets have come a long way and in the last 10 years have become increasingly popular in the states and some parts of Europe, especially France. Slim2btrim has a full line of high quality protein products with and without vitamins and minerals to support healthy metabolism and lean muscle mass during weight loss. These proteins supply the proper balance of amino acids and nitrogen essential for protein synthesis and many other metabolic functions so weight loss is effective and safe. All of our products are also low in carbohydrates and fat to facilitate the release of stored fat.


The widespread popularity of high-protein diets is due in large part to their ability to help manage hunger. When protein is absorbed, it sends a signal to the brain to decrease your hunger. Another benefit of protein is that it raises your resting metabolism by maintaining muscle mass. As we age, muscle mass decreases without exercise, so staying fit is a key to burning fat by keeping your metabolism high.Protein also leads to a much less rapid rise and fall of blood sugar and insulin, so you avoid the sugar highs and lows after eating.


In addition to the high protein products you will also have planned conventional foods .Not unlike a meal replacement very low calorie diet (VLCD) your body will go into ketosis utilising your fat stores as energy and losing weight at a faster rate than regular diets. You can also carry on with any moderate exercise and sporting activities while following our protein plan. Along with the benefits mentioned there is a huge range of high protein products to choose from ensuring that you never get bored and give in to cravings.


Did you know that the more you restrict your diet the more likely you are to fail in keeping to it? If you find healthy alternatives to the food you eat now, you are more likely to succeed. Research shows that those people who deprived themselves of certain types of foods were less likely to stick with a healthier diet/lifestyle long term.You deprive yourself of what you really want, applying willpower and discipline to keep yourself away from the fridge. It's a painful and difficult thing to do, and unfortunately, the method doesn't work for long because you really don't want to deprive yourself. Eventually, your willpower lapses, and then the diet ends. You are in a cycle of depriving then binging on the foods you have been forbidden. Pop your head into any vlcd diet chatroom and you will soon come to recognise those who are in the deprive/binge cycle. They are the ones who have been on and off the same diet for years and have never managed to change their eating behaviours because they have never learnt how to eat healthily instead depriving themselves real food, living on shakes or binging on unhealthy food.They lose and gain the same weight in a continuous cycle.


At Slim2bTrim we believe losing weight and maintaining is all about learning to make the right choices and not about depriving yourself of the foods you love. So unlike other companies we will not be steering you away from certains types of food, after all you are going to be faced with these type of foods and choices everyday of your life and its imperative you learn to make the right healthy choices. Instead we aim to show you healthy alternatives to the foods you love breaking that deprive /binge cycle along with the monotony of a restrictive diet. This program allows a variety of foods often banned on other plans without valid reason. We want to prove deprivation is useless and that one can lose weight by eating everything! This is the secret to avoiding the famous yoyo effect.

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